Letter to all the sweet "Candy Addicts" reading my blog:

I really really feel honored that there is actually somebody who's interested in who I am and why I started creating this blog. The shocking fact first: I love beauty, fashion and lifestyle! I know nearly nobody does :P And guess what? Yep that's the reason why I thought, why not start to collect all my thoughts and experiences for some other addicts? I know, there are a loooooot of other similar blogs out there, but I would collect and buy beauty stuff anyway, so why not share everything with you guys? And about me as a person: I think the easiest way to get to know me, is to share some facts with you, so let's start :)

  1. I don't know if it is clear enough on the picture, but I am actually female ;)
  2. I'm studying Communication & Industrial Economics at the University of Zurich
  3. can't walk down the stairs properly without holding a handrail or someone
  4. obsessed with balconies
  5. LOVE Disney Princesses --> Arielle!! And that is why I'm so fascinated by mermaids
  6. seashells and their shape are just gorgeous and I collect everything which reminds me of them
  7. I am originally from Armenia, but I live in Switzerland
  8. favourite colors: I guess every girly pastel color
  9. Pussy Foot Cocktail (without alcohol) Yummmii!! I can't stand the taste of alcohol!
  10. I have absolutely no sense of orientation! And I'm sure I will never have!
I guess that's enogh nonsense information about me :) Have a nice morning / day / evening (life?)!

Thanks for reading xx


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